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About Planet Valentine

Phil Valentine is not only a Westwood One nationally syndicated talk show host, he's an author, a screenwriter, a television host, a television guest, a singer/songwriter, a movie producer, an actor, a newspaper columnist. His ADD takes him in so many different directions we needed a one-stop shop for everything Valentine. And Planet Valentine was born. If Phil's done something visual, chances are it's here. 

To find specific shows, just click on the SHOWS tab. That will take you directly to what you're looking for. Feel free to look around. There are some archived videos here that haven't been seen in years. There's new content added constantly so keep checking back. Better yet, follow us on social media and we'll let you know when we post new videos.

At last there's a place devoid of lunacy and political correctness where logic and common sense rule the day. That place is Planet Valentine.

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